Telehealth TRT

Primal is a fully integrated telehealth practice by design. For patients struggling to find care in their area, or for those who just want the convenience of telehealth, your initial intake visit can be done remotely too!  100% telehealth.  That is how we meet you where you’re at. One of the founding principles of Primal is to meet men where they are at. 

telehealth appointment option

Free No Obligation Telehealth Consultation

We understand how incredibly difficult it is to find time in increasingly busy schedules in order drive to a physical medical clinic during regular business hours for a TRT appointment.

Your initial intake appointment can also be in our clinic, in the comfort of your own home (Thurston County patients)

follow up with physician

Follow Up Care

After that all of your follow up care will be done through our integrated telehealth platform.  That means the doctor comes to you.  Using your preferred video device, you can visit with your doctor as you sit in your family room, watch your kids’ game, or during a quick break at the office! 

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Medication Delivered

Labs will be drawn at a location near your home and automatically be sent to your provider for review and medicine is delivered to your doorstep.