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Our pricing is up front and honest because our goal is to have members that will be with the practice for as long as they are on hormone replacement therapy.  Our membership programs are designed to offer flexibility to patients focused on different goals.  All professional services are built into the memberships and depending on your membership package you may have additional medications and labs included as well.  We offer reduced pricing on supplements and discounted labs for anything not included in your chosen membership package. 

The goal of any good medical therapy is to use the least amount of intervention possible to alleviate symptoms.  We offer two membership options to accomplish this goal: Primal Foundations and Primal Flex.  


Evaluation Packages

Add-On Packages


Membership tier is determined by your provider during your initial evaluation and is based on the number of primary and secondary therapeutic domains addressed in your programming combined with the complexity of pre-existing co-morbid medical conditions.

* We are proud to support those who serve our country, protect our communities, and build our nation. We offer a 10% discount on memberships for current and former military, first responders, small business owners, and those in the trades.

Patient Examples

Pricing provided in these examples is for general information and subject to change.

patient in 30's

Patient A is a 38-year-old man

He had symptoms of low testosterone and laboratory confirmation of low T levels. 

He doesn’t mind testosterone injections but finds he prefers to do injections once per week.  With the bigger single dose his estradiol levels tend to run a little high, so he is on a very low dose of an aromatase inhibitor. 

He has two children but he and his wife aren’t opposed to a “happy accident” so he is also on HCG in order to maintain testicular function as much as possible.

First year cost of Primal Injection Membership with initial screening lab: $2,285

  • 0.5mg anastrozole weekly: $78
  • 500 IU HCG twice weekly: $364
  • Total cost first year: $2,727
  • Subsequent years: $2,542
patient in 40's

Patient B is a 45-year-old man

With symptoms of low testosterone and laboratory confirmation of low T levels. 

He used performance enhancing drugs in his 20s which wrecked his endocrine system but also makes him comfortable with daily micro-dosing of testosterone so he never gets a spike in estrogen levels.  Because he had an idea that his testosterone levels were low, he ordered a testosterone level from a local lab before reaching out and seeking help, so he didn’t have to pay the screening lab fee cost.  He is done having children and had a vasectomy several years ago.  He doesn’t experience a degree of testicular atrophy that bothers him.


First year cost of Primal Injection Membership without initial screening lab: $2,235

  • Subsequent years: $2,100
58 year old patient

Patient C is a 58-year-old man

With symptoms of low testosterone and laboratory confirmation of low T levels.  He has been on TRT in the past but moved to Washington from another state for work and lost his old provider.  He didn’t have any recent labs because it has been a while since he moved to the state and he never established with a new clinic or family doctor.  He had previously been on injection therapy, but never liked giving himself shots, so his wife administered the testosterone once per week.  He feels transdermal gel is easier for him, but it does make his estrogen a little high, so he requires twice weekly dosing of anastrozole.  He and his wife are happy in their child-free life but despite therapeutic ranges of testosterone he finds he still has some trouble with getting erections.  As he ages, he is also starting to notice some symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) but his PSA level and prostate exam are normal.  To manage these symptoms he is on a low dose of daily tadalafil.  He also has an HSA account with high deductible insurance plan through his job.


First year cost of Primal Topical Membership without initial screening lab: $2,467

  • 0.3mg anastrozole twice weekly: $156
  • 5mg tadalafil daily: $675
  • Total cost first year cost out of pocket: $2,467
  • Costs paid through HSA: $831
  • Subsequent years out of pocket: $2,340
  • Subsequent years HSA: $831